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Do you want big block power but don't want to have all that excess weight and low fuel economy? Whipple can give your Black Scorpion a huge jump in power that will simply outperform nearly all big blocks. What does this mean? Massive torque levels that are simply unmatchable while simultaneously producing mind-boggling horsepower.

No other supercharger in the world can offer this type of torque down low with the incredible top end horsepower. Whipple can give your Magnum and Black Scorpion a huge jump in power that will simply outperform nearly all big blocks. Who wants to wait for the power when you can have it instantly! Skeptics say, "what about torque? Who wants to wait for the power when you can have it instantly. Whipple can give your Magnum a huge jump in power that will simply outperform nearly all big blocks.

With a Whipple computer program re-mapping of your factory ecu system, the cupronickel intercooler, and ultra efficient screw compressor, is one of the most performance enhancing system on the market. Whipple Supercharges high efficiency and low RPM boost gives you the unique combination of higher torque than any other method and maximum top end horsepower.

These great features allow boats to reach plane quicker, pull bigger props for better acceleration and handling, as well as more top speed. Want big top end speed, dramatically improved cruising speeds and ability to plane faster? How about not having to sacrifice reliability, durability and idle? What about ultimate bragging rights to owning one of the most incredible looking and technologically advanced marine engines?

Sound too good to be true?

Engine Parts - ECU Upgrades and Tuning

Well its not, Whipple has the supercharger system for you. The Whipple SC System will give you all the torque and horsepower your heart desires. With 6lbs. This utilizes the new Wax 3. Whipple is achieving these numbers with 6 lbs.We will fix your computer upon arrival at SIA Electronics. SIA Electronics offers this repair service with a fast turnaround time once we have received your part at our shop.

Return shipping via UPS ground can take up to 5 days depending on where you are located. If you need faster shipping arrangements can be made. When sending in your part it is necessary to take precautions to ensure that your part arrives in the same condition that it was shipped. Warranty is for replacement of the part only. If there is a problem with the item please notify us prior to altering or installing the item.

Altered, abused, or improperly installed items will void the warranty and are not returnable. Warranty does not cover shipping, labor, towing, rentals, storage, legal fees, lost wages, or any other incidental fees.

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Not all electronic parts are repairable. Sometimes the damage is far too great to fix. The remainder of the original price charged will be refunded. Import Duties, Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. Our prices are the best in the business and our quality is unmatched. These modules are in demand for many makes and models and buying a re-manufactured one from the dealership or from an unknown internet sales company can cost double what we charge for the repair of your module, then the added unknown of needing it programmed to your vehicle can really add to the price.

Repairing the vehicles original computer is almost always a better option.

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Call to inquire about all modules we are able to test and repair. Our parts are disassembled, tested, and repaired. Then they are sealed and cleaned to give a clean appearance. After opening the computer a thorough visual inspection is made, we then hook the computer up to our vehicle simulator which can perform all necessary functions to ensure that the computer is in working order when returned. Most parts can then be updated to the newest software available from the manufacturer.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contact Information: Please include your contact information when sending in your parts. Minnie St. If a part is not able to be repaired we will contact you to go over options.

MerCruiser PCM-555 EFI

Test Fee: Not all electronic parts are repairable. International Buyers: Import Duties, Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Related Products. Contact SIA Electronics today at Search engine Use this form to find things you need on this site.Download Link.

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Mercury Mercruiser 31 Service Manual 5. Mercury Mercruiser 4. Mercury MerCruiser Bravo Three 7. Mercury MerCruiser diesel 2. Mercury MerCruiser offers a range of gasoline engines with both angled tilt speakers Sterndrives and reverse gearboxes Inboards with high performance from to hp. All carburetor engines for convenience are equipped with an exclusive launch system TKS.

You do not need any suction, no swap, no pre-fill fuel. Just turn the key in the ignition and the engine is running. Engines with multipoint fuel injection are equipped with SmartCraft measurement and control system, which provides control of engine operating conditions and onboard equipment of the vessel. Diesel engines can also be used with turntables Sterndrivesas well as in the tails Inboards. The company produces the widest range of tilt-and-turn speakers in the industry, with models designed for all kinds of boats, from sports to pleasure and racing.

Whether it is the Alpha and Bravo robust speakers with smooth, noiseless gear shifting, the long-life Bravo X speakers are all designed and manufactured in the process of tireless and responsible work to ensure high performance and long-term engine life. Using advanced technologies that exceed all expectations for reliability and performance, Mercury MerCruiser stationary engines have every chance in the future to maintain leadership in the field of propulsion systems for water equipment.

Bossert Wednesday, 08 July Hello, I am looking for a Mercury Outboard 90HP 2 stroke repair and service manual with a complete parts list.

Could you help me? Cannon Thursday, 02 July Pete Saturday, 13 June Meg Tucker Monday, 08 June Brenden Lohmeier Monday, 01 June John Clayburn Saturday, 09 May Have you modified your stock Mercury EFI engine by adding high performance exhaust, a bigger cam, a high flow flame arrestor, or added a supercharger? Hardin Marine can recalibrate your Mercury ECU computer to yield the very most of your engines power The ECU precisely controls fuel requirements, detonation control, idle speed and RPM limitations We have dyno-tested multiple combinations and know what works!

Call us with your application requirements and we will lead you to maximum horsepower from you EFI engine Allow approximately days turn around time. We cannot guarantee speed or plane time increases with the many different applications. Have you modified your stock Mercury EFI engine by adding high performance exhaust, a bigger cam, a high flow flame arrestor, oradded a supercharger?

Call us with your application requirements and we will lead you to maximum horsepower from you EFI engine. Allow approximately days turn around time. The kit was developed for twin engine applications and includes two plug-and-play IAC harnesses that are fused to prevent a direct short to the PCM.

Also included are two USA made IAC units with gaskets, hardware, just in case you drop one in the bilge spare fuses and a canvas storage pouch.

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Replacement IACs and fuses are also available. Your Account. HM on Facebook. Your Price:. Quantity Add to Cart. More Info. Starting From:. This Part has options, please click the button below to order. Part Options.

mercruiser ecm 555

Max Volt Catalyst Eliminator Computer If increased engine performance is what you are after but have concerns about the catalyst equipment on your engine, then the Catalytic Eliminator Computer CEC is what you need!

Designed specifically for marine engines, Maxvolt Performance worked with a team of marine electrical engineers to create a product this simple and gets the job done. There is no cutting or splicing of wires; everything is plug and play! And there are three ways to play! Your engine can be Aggressive,Mild, or Basic:. Aggressive: If you want to be aggressive and replace your stock exhaust system with a header system, then this is the product for you.

We worked with the header design teams at Hardin Marine and other popular manufacturers to be sure their headers are manufactured to work with CEC. To be compatible, the header must be made to accept a pre-oxygen sensor!

Mild:If changing over to headers is too aggressive for you, then removing the catalysts but retaining the stock exhaust manifolds is the path for you. Depending on the engine, 10 to 15 horsepower will be gained by removing the catalysts and using the factory exhaust system. Basic:If your boat has fouled its post oxygen sensors and is no longer under the factory warranty, then you know what it costs to have new sensors installed and the trouble codes cleared.Recommend Documents.

Mercury MerCruiser.

mercruiser ecm 555

Hitman EFI. EFI Toolbox. Mercruiser long block Apr 7, Fits Mercruiser Model 3. EFI vacuum diagram Jan 25, The following diagram shows the vacuum hoses installed on fuel-injected XJ6 cars with The valve was a standard GM part at the time that.

Untitled - Efi Foufoula-Georgiou. Livros e Materiais EFI. EFI modul - WordPress. Pompa bensin yang biasa digunakan pada mesin dengan system EFI adalah. MerCruiser electronic engine control systems and is software ungradable for Elston Ave. Rinda Technologies, Inc. Repair parts and replacement hardware products will be provided on an exchange basis and will be either reconditioned or new.

All replaced parts become property of Rinda Technologies, Inc. The software components in the scan tool are believed to be accurate. Further, Rinda Technologies, Inc. In no event will Rinda Technologies, Inc. The information presented in this manual is believed to be accurate.

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Responsibility for errors, omission of information, or consequences resulting from the use of this information cannot be assumed by Rinda Technologies, Inc. Reproduction of this manual, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written permission of Rinda Technologies Inc.

All rights reserved worldwide. Volvo Penta is a registered trademark of Volvo Penta Corp. GM is a registered trademark of General Motors Corp. Indmar is a registered trademark of Indmar Engine Co. Pleasurecraft and Crusader are registered trademarks of Pleasurecraft Engine Group. All other trademarks are properties of their respective holders.

mercruiser ecm 555

Table of Contents Safety Precautions.This tool is no longer in production and has been replaced by the TechMate Pro marine scan tool, see link below:. Outboard Engine Supplemental Manual. This specification page refers to both the MerCruiser and TechMate marine scan tools.

All specifications shown below pertain to both tools. Scan tools must be equipped with Version 6 software for support specifications listed below to apply. Monitor engine data, access fault codes, execute diagnostic tests and view a wide variety of EFI system information. The scan tool provides an extensive set of diagnostic and support functions for troubleshooting engines equipped with MerCruiser PCM and ECM engine control systems.

These engines are initially intended for the California market and are designed to meet California emission requirements.

The scan tool reads live engine data including oxygen sensor and other catalyst critical information. The scan tool supports up MerCruiser Thunderbolt V ignition modules. The scan tool reads live engine data and can also access active fault codes, erase faults, read engine hours and more.

Copyright C Rinda Technologies Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. All specifications subject to change without notice.All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Page 1 of 2. Show 40 post s from this thread on one page. From searching the web, I found that the ecm's used by Mercruiser are produced by New Eagle. The pinouts of both units are excactly the same as described in the mercruiser service manuals.

Is there any software maybe based on reverse engineering New Eagle provides the MotoTune tools for calibrating and flashing, but they aren't really affordable for a normal user. A lot of people are in the same situation as you and decide to switch to a MEFI controller.

Do a search on here for and more results will show up to answer your questions. Well, could still be great info even if too expensive for for a single person,but maybe some tuning shops might be interested with hearing this new info since as said above, their is only one shop Whipple outside of Merc themselves that can flash these.

MerCruiser 350 to 383 Stroker Engine Conversion

I can't confirm for sure, but have heard Mark Boo's of Performance Marine can tune the also. I really am impressed with my HO Whipple Stage 2 tune. Whipple can perform a spot on custom tune for your setups. They just need the correct info. Unlimited jd.

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